Comprehensive services for continuous and sustained satellite and radar operations

The RiverTech Space Mission Systems teams provide comprehensive on-site support services at key space object surveillance centers across North America and the Pacific. This includes a number of large antenna installations providing operational telemetry and tracking of near earth orbiting objects as well as the ground-based electro-optical systems used for near-geosynchronous orbit some 23,000 miles above earth.

Mission Domains

  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Space Surveillance

Life Cycle Management

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Logistics
  • Sustainment

Warfighter Support

Driven by strict industry standards and PMP best practice models, RiverTech personnel teams provide readiness, launch, early orbit/on-orbit support and anomaly resolution for a variety of satellite constellations. We also provide lifecycle logistics sustainment, organizational-level maintenance, software version release control, facilities systems O&M, calibration support services and environmental safety and health support.

Today, RiverTech teams support the systems that track virtually all Department of Defense satellites and select NASA and allied satellites. This front line space mission service helps ensure that critical data driven intelligence is continually and accurately forwarded to the appropriate space command and control centers for direct warfighter support.